Two Projects at the Skjaldborg Documentary Festival

We are proud of having worked on two of the documentaries selected for the 2018 Skaldborg Documentary Film Festival taking place in the West Fjords this coming Whitsunday weekend. The films mentioned are Within Reach and So You Want a Revolution!

KAM film provided color grading of Within Reach which is produced by Gudbergur Davidsson for Ljósopi ehf. in cooperation with Markell Productions helmed by the Markell brothers Örn Marinó Arnarson and Þorkell Harðarson.

Within Reach follows Gudmund Felix Gretarson who in 1998 lost both his arms at the shoulder in a terrible work accident. Since then he has championed for an operation allowing him to get new arms. Gudmundur will in all likelyhood be the first human to have whole arms transplanted at the shoulder. He moved to France in 2013 but things have not been going his way so far. He is still waiting for the operation and the preparations continue.

Here you can see a trailer for the film.

KAM film provided color grading and on-line services for the documentary So You Want a Revolution produced by production company Seylan ehf. In the film director Hjálmtýr Heiðdal og actor Sigurður Skúlason bring to us the tumultuous years of the late 1960’s through the stories of the individuals that on April 20th 1970 stormed the Icelandic embassy in Stockholm, Sweden protesting cuts in student funding.

Here  you can see a trailer for the film.