60 Hz For 78 Years

This History of the Power Plant on the Military Base at Keflavik Airport

The documentary short “60 Hz For 78 Years” which premiered this past September tells the story of the US operated power plant on the NATO military base at Keflavik Airport in Iceland. Produced and directed by Guðmundur Lýðsson for GL Einstefna ehf. the film was posted at KAM film and edited by Konrad Gylfason.

Director Guðmundur Lýðsson smiling from the great turnout at the premiere.

When the US military began buying electricity from the Icelandic Authorities adjustments had to be made since the Unites States use a different current system from the European one which Iceland used. Interestingly when researching this film, Guðmundur Lýðsson found that the Icelandic Government kept no minutes from its meetings from 1947 until 1964 making it impossible to find out about decisions and deals relating to the selling of electricity to the US military.

Producer/Director Guðmundur Lýðsson appears in the film since he worked at the power plant for years.