Future Treasures – third season on RÚV tonight

We at KAM film are proud to have been a part of the programs we produced with the University of Iceland for the state television station RÚV. In the 5 episodes we get to know the diverse subjects scientists at the university are studying. It came as a surprise to us standing outside the scholarly discipline when we discovered how varying, interesting and professional work these Icelandic scientists were performing. We traveled all over the country and spoke to over 80 scientists to find out what they were researching and we did find some very interesting subjects.

Future Treasures is the brainchild of Jon Orn Gudbjartsson and he and his colleague, Bjorn Gislason have handled things well resulting in the 3rd season beginning on RÚV tonight. Konrad Gylfason has been working on the series with them from the start but this third season is the first time that KAM film comes in on the production. The two other exceptional series were produced by Kukl ehf og D.P. Bjarni Felix Bjarnason, set the standard in the first two series that had to be met.

Konrad Gylfason was a key-player in the production og the show but they would never have achieved this quality of work without the great underwater camerawork of Erlendur Bogason, the stunning  „drone“ aerials from OZZO photo, the exceptional time-lapses of Þorvarður Árnason and the insightful material Stefan Drengsson captured in and around the university . The previous seasons also provided excellent stock footage Bjarni Felix filmed for Kukl and the scientists them selfs also played a big part with the imagery they acquired while doing their research .

The production was capped of with the quality audio work of re-recording mixer Birgir Tryggvason at hljod.is and we sincerely hope that the program manages to amaze, educate and entertain our television viewers.

For the technophiles we can mention that the series was filmed in  UHD (4K-TV) with a  Black Magic Design camera and all the time-lapses and „drone“ aerials too. The series was edited in Premiere Pro CC doing a round-trip to Davinci Resolve for grade before being completed in Premiere Pro. Audio mixing was done in Pro-Tools at hljóð.is.

Here is a trailer for the series.

Here is a trailer for the episode appearing tonight.