Nefertiti – The Lonely Queen, Thessaloniki Premiere

Nefertiti – The Lonely Queen, had its premiere at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in Greece earlier this year.

Who Owns Cultural Heritage?

The documentary Nefertiti the Lonely Queen had its world premiere at the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece this past March.

Produced by Markell Productions the film was graded by Konrad Gylfason at KAM film. The film by dynamic Markell brothers duo Thorkell Hardarson and Örn Marinó Arnarsson features stories from the world of looted ancient art. Running at 90 minutes and filmed in Iceland, Scandinavia, U.K., Germany, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Iraq it will also be provided as a 3 part, 52 minutes each, television event. Those that saw Feathered Cocaine and Trend Beacons know they’re in for a treat.

You can catch the trailer here: